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Sam crimm ii

A little about Sam

Sam Crimm II, Owner of Distinctive Photography, has been a photographer since high school and a pilot for over 44 years. Sam’s aviation career spanning 45 years, attaining his single mulit engine commercial instrument rating with over 5,500 hours of flight time. His other career spans from working in the family business to Construction management, corporate business,airline pilot to simple things in life. His life, travels, interest, curiosity bring a different view of his images for you to enjoy. Contact Sam for any photography need you might have.

A little more about Sam

I started in 1970 with my Photography, Tut Parham was the post master and a good friend and he let me set up his 4x5 Dark Room and that I found a love for Photography. Hanging out with Paul Pyle also influence my photography and technical skills. My family business was a florist and the creative part of me came from there, my parents we renovators and artist in floral business I work in the florist for many years and learned so much from them and the business. I started flying in June 1970 as a sophomore and that opened me to seeing the world from the sky above.

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